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We offer WordPress training courses for web designers and developers who’d like to add skill and knowledge through WordPress to their Resume. We offer WordPress training certification to ensure web developers make their career in hight of pinnacle. Our step by step WordPress Training program will transform you into an experts WordPress designer/developer even if you have only basic computer skills. We offer you the helping hand you need to learn WordPress professionally. WordPress Training Course – Topics Covered

1WordPress Installation

  • Introduction to WordPress

  • WordPress Architecture

  • Downloading and Installation Set Up

  • WordPress upgradation

2WordPress Templates

  • Adding a wordpress blog to an existing site

  • Creating and adding your own site template to WordPress

3Configuring WordPress Setup Options

  • Overview of admin panel view

  • General settings

  • Reading settings

  • Writing Settings

  • Permalink Structure

  • Discussion Settings

4Administering WordPress

  • When and How to Upgrade WordPress

  • Managing User Roles and Permissions

  • Managing Spam with Askimet

5Adding WordPress Plug-ins

  • Downloading and Installing plug-ins

  • Activating Plug-ins and Configuration

  • Guide to the most useful WordPress plugins

  • Writing a New Plug-ins

6Adding WordPress Themes

  • Theme Frameworks

  • Installing Themes from Library

  • Writing a New Theme

  • Menus and Widgets Implementation

7Adding Content

  • Posts vs Pages

  • Adding Content to Posts & Pages

  • Using Categories

  • Using Tags

  • Managing User Comments

  • Links management

8Managing Media in WordPress

  • Image Management within posts

  • Uploading Images

  • Uploading Videos

  • Galleries and Portfolios

  • Contact Forms and Maps

  • Managing the Media Library

9Social Networking Integrations

  • Facebook Integration for WordPress

  • Twitter Integration for WordPress

  • Other social networking Integration

10WordPress Integration

  • Creating custom files in admin panel and frontend (if required)

  • Implementing custom PHP code within WP post or pages(if required)

  • Take easy online payments with PayPal

  • How to get visitors and “traffic”

  • Blogs and Forums

  • RSS Feeds – stream external news and content on your site

  • Adding sitemap, privacy policy and terms & conditions easily

  • Make your site easy to navigate, accessible and print friendly

  • Auto Translate – have your site written in any language for free

11SEO with WordPress

  • SEO – “Search Engine Optimisation” – how to get up Google!

  • Google’s free tools: Analytics, AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Trends and Keywords

12WordPress Backup

  • Importing and Exporting the completed site and database