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Learn Web UI/UX Design, HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS3, Java Script, Visual Design and Graphic Design. Web design is the skill of planning and creating presentations of content that is delivered to an end-user through the World Wide Web. It includes information architecture, user interface, site structure, navigation, layout, image, fonts, colors balance, contrast, emphasis, rhythm, and unity and the design elements: lines, shapes, texture, and direction. By putting these things collectively, a web designer creates websites. G Tech Education’s web design course matching every aspiration who looking for a gratifying professional career. Our professionally experienced designers teach all the aspects of web designing as well as latest versions of advanced software in each specialization. Our Web Design training courses are designed and trained by Design experts. Our Web design Course will cover below things.

1Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Introduction to Web Technologies

  • Web Design Basics

  • web design careers outlook

  • Difference between a Web Design and Web Development

  • Types of Website

  • Domain Names and DNS

  • Web Standards and W3C recommendations

2Hyper Text Markup Language

  • What is Markup Language

  • Basic Structure of HTML

  • Elements of Head Section

  • Meta Tags

  • External Link Tags

  • HTML Structure Tags (div, Table, iframe)

  • Formatting Tags

  • Content / Media Tags

  • Working with Forms

  • Special Tags

3Cascading style sheets

  • CSS Introduction

  • CSS Syntax

  • CSS Id & Class

  • CSS How

  • CSS Styling

  • Styling Backgrounds

  • Styling Text

  • Styling Fonts

  • Styling Links

  • Styling Lists

  • Styling Tables

  • CSS Box Model

  • CSS Box Model

  • CSS Border

  • CSS Outline

  • CSS Margin

  • CSS Padding


  • Difference between HTML & DHTML

  • DHTML Basic tags

  • Introduction to Doc Types

  • Creating Simple HTML Pages

  • What is XHTML?

  • Difference between HTML & XHTML

  • XHTML Basics

  • Introduction to Doc Types

  • Strict, Transitional and Mobile Doc Types

  • XHTML Validation

5Cascading Style Sheets (CSS 3.0)

  • Introduction to CSS 3

  • New CSS 3 Selectors

  • New CSS3 Properties

  • CSS Rounded Corners

  • Border Images

  • Border Shadows

  • CSS Gradients

  • CSS Background properties

  • Multiple Backgrounds

  • Opacity Property

  • Transition Effects

  • Transform Effect

  • Text-Shadow Property

  • Text-Stroke Property

  • Using CSS3 in Practical Layout

  • Examples of CSS3

  • CSS Tips and Tricks

6Java Script

  • Introduction to Client Side Scripting

  • Introduction to Java Script

  • Javascript Types

  • Variables in JS

  • Operators in JS

  • Conditions Statements (If, If Else, Switch)

  • Java Script Loops (For Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop)

  • JS Popup Boxes (Alert, Prompt, Confirm)

  • JS Events

  • Using Java Script in Real-time

Online Web Design Training Available Now !