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We offer Joomla training courses for web designers and developers who’d like to add skill and knowledge through Joomla to their Resume. We offer Joomla training certification to ensure web developers make their career in hight of pinnacle. Our step by step Joomla Training program will transform you into an experts Joomla designer/developer even if you have only basic computer skills. We offer you the helping hand you need to learn Joomla professionally. Joomla Training Course – Topics Covered

1Joomla Basics

  • Installing Wamp Server

  • Installing Joomla on local server

  • Installing Joomla on web server

2Content Management in Joomla

  • Joomla Global Configuration

  • Article Manager

  • Archive Manager

  • Frontpage Manager

  • Section Manager

  • Category Manager

  • Media Manager

  • Component Manager

  • Content Manager

  • Extensions Manager

  • Module Manager

3Components and Plugins

  • Using Components

  • Banners, Contact, News Feed

  • Polls, Search and Web Links

  • Plugin Manager

4Joomla Template Design

  • Joomla Templates Introduction

  • Joomla Template Manager

  • Joomla Templates Installing

  • Customizing Joomla Template

  • User Positions in Joomla

  • Custom Joomla Template

  • Adding Styles to Joomla Template

5Menu Management in Joomla

  • Joomla Creating Menu

  • Joomla Menu types

  • Joomla Menu Parameters

  • Joomla Menu Trash

  • Joomla Menu Modules

  • Joomla Menu Assignment

6Extensions in Joomla

  • Understanding templateDetails.xml File

  • Creating templateDetails.xml File using tmpl_builder

  • Linking CSS

  • inking Javascrpt

  • Understanding include

  • Displaying content in XHTML

  • Creating template installation package

  • Creating Custom Forms

  • Changing the Form appearance using CSS

  • Top Extensions in Joomla

  • Ecommerce with Virtue Mart

  • SEO Extensions in Joomla

  • Language Manager

  • Social Networking Extensions

  • Security and Backup Extensions

  • Premium Extensions in Joomla

7Free Training For

  • JomSocial

  • Virtue Mart